Fossil fuels

Every time you burn fossil fuels you release greenhouse gases
For example:


Grass-eating animals release a lot of methane
For example:

Using coal power to run your fridge emits 1-2 kg CO2e every day

Driving and using a tank (40 litres) of petrol releases around 120 kg CO2e

illustration1 - v1
The 100 g beef patty in your hamburger caused around 2.2 kg of CO2e emissions
A litre of milk has caused around 1 kg CO2e emissions by the time it gets to your fridge

The Result

The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is now significantly higher than it was before the industrial revolution, when humans burned very little fossil fuels and did not artificially increase the number of sheep and cattle on the planet.
At the time of the industrial revolution, humans released around 3 billion tonnes of CO2e per year. In 2014, we released 35.7 billion tonnes of CO2e.
The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has almost doubled from the natural levels that existed before we humans took over the planet.
This graph shows the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the past 800,000 years.

The image is from NASA’s summary of the evidence for climate change.

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