Major weather events

Frequent and extreme droughts, floods, hurricanes…:
-kill people directly
-destroy crops and interrupt food production
Result: Empty supermarket shelves


Sea level rise

-Destroys homes
-Makes low lying land prone to flooding
Result: Goodbye Bangladesh
Check out NZ cities with 10m sea level rise:


Point of no return

Beyond a certain “tipping point” the climate will run out of control:
-Oceans will release the CO2 they contains
-Ice will melt and release trapped methane
-10 to 25 metres of (rapid) sea level rise


Its generally agreed that 2 degrees of global warming is the most that the planet can handle if we still want to live the way we live today. Beyond that, humans will be at the mercy of the weather and sea level rise, and we will experience floods, famines and droughts that will redefine our lives.

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